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food in Johannesburg

Traditional food to try when you study in Johannesburg

Traditional food to try when you study in Johannesburg

Welcome to Johannesburg, or as called by locals Jo’burg or Jozi. As South Africa’s largest city with around 40% of the population under the age of 24, it has a unique vibe and is a perfect location for your English study abroad experience. You can visit stunning national parks and try delicious South African food there. If you want to know what traditional food you can look forward to in Johannesburg, check these things out:


Pap is a softly cooked maize-porridge which is usually served alongside dishes like meaty stews, barbecued meat or even creamy spinach. You can find it everywhere in Johannesburg. It’s so common, even fast-food chains have it included in their meal deals.


Chakalaka is a spicy salad usually consisting of sautéed beans, grated carrot, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and various spices. It’s the most common side dish in the Joburg area and as a result, you can find numerous variations available. Almost every family has its own secret recipe.

Food in Johannesburg


This side dish originally comes from South Asia where it’s made of pickled vegetables or fruits in brine. However, the South African version is mostly made of unripe green mangoes and chilli. It’s usually served at a braai (famous South African BBQ) together with stews and curries, but people also eat it just as it is with white bread. You can find atchar in almost every food shop and restaurant in Johannesburg as well as on street markets.


Kota is a very popular food in the Johannesburg and Gauteng area. Basically it’s a quarter-loaf of bread stuffed with anything from French fries, to cheese or atchar we mentioned above. Kota is a typical takeaway food in Johannesburg and you should definitely try it when you learn English there.

Skopas popcorn

Skopas is a puffed popcorn typical for Johannesburg. So typical, you can find it literally everywhere you go in the city. It comes in bright colours but it’s not as sweet as you’d expect from its appearance. It’s very cheap and therefore one of the most popular snacks you can have in Joburg.

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