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things to see in Cambridge

Top things to see and do in Cambridge

Top things to see and do in Cambridge

You have most likely heard of the city of Cambridge before. It is a beautiful historical city in east England and home to the world famous Cambridge University. Being considered as one of the world’s educational capitals, it’s no surprise people all around the world dream of studying English there. If you have a visit to Cambridge on your bucket list, let’s look at the top 5 things to see and do in Cambridge when you are there:

Cambridge University tour

This is probably the most obvious thing to do when you visit Cambridge. Cambridge University dominates the city centre and is very easy to investigate. The best way to explore it is having a Cambridge University student as a guide – that way you definitely won’t get lost and will have a real personal insight into what student life is like. You might even hear some funny student stories.


Another super-cool activity to do right in the city centre is something called Punting! This is very unique to Cambridge in the UK and you can either hire a gondolier-like guide to navigate you on the River Cam or you can do it yourself if you are feeling brave! Either way, it’s a lot of fun and an amazing way to explore the city! You will get to see many iconic sights including the famous Mathematical Bridge or Kings College Chapel.

Kings College Chapel

As mentioned above, you will most likely see this incredible piece of architecture during your punting trip, however, to be able to admire all the details of this famous gothic chapel, you really have to visit it. The chapel is opened daily and is also used for the enrolments of new students, for concerts and occasionally for University lectures as well.

Botanic gardens

40 acres of colourful paradise and another breath-taking place worth to visit when you are Cambridge. The botanic gardens belong to Cambridge University and are within a 15-minute walk from the city centre – perfect for an afternoon stroll or a family day out.

Cycling around the city

Cambridge is known (at least within the UK) as the cyclist’s paradise. The city is the perfect size to be explored on a bike, very cyclist-conscious with regards to traffic and there are many places to hire bikes from too!

More things to see in Cambridge

If reading this article has motivated you to visit Cambridge and if you also want to know what is it like to be a student there, Immerse Education has the perfect solution for you. They offer a two-week summer academic programme for students 13-18 years of age that brings a unique insight into chosen disciplines. Their activity programme includes many of the things we recommend you to see in Cambridge as well as full-day trips to Oxford and London.

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