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Summer School in Ireland: A day in the life of a Future Learning Student

Summer School in Ireland: A day in the life of a Future Learning Student

Future Learning is an innovative language school devoted to technology-enhanced learning. The Future Learning Summer school programmes are ideal for parents looking to give their child a first-class learning experience and an epic adventure in Ireland. Programmes are available in Dublin, Sligo and Athlone, each designed to educate whilst introducing students to Ireland’s rich culture.

A day in Dublin

Dublin has a rich history that Future Learning encourages students to explore. They show their summer students the hidden gems in Dublin, as well as introducing them to many of the more celebrated sites in this famous city.

Summer school in Ireland - STEAM

If you choose the summer STEAM Programme at Future Learning’s school in Dublin, you will be based around 15-20 minutes away from the city centre. The school campus is based in a secure and private location with grounds that are a calm, green haven within a thriving city.

Also based in Dublin, the location that is used for Future Learning’s Culture Programme is situated at the centre of the city. When they aren’t out exploring, summer students can spend their afternoons enjoying a number of activities that are designed to enrich and engage.

A day in Athlone

Future Learning’s Athlone site is the perfect place to utilise technology-enhanced learning. The campus is large, modern and includes great facilities, spacious rooms and an abundance of outdoor areas. Living as a summer student in Athlone, you will stay with one of the friendly and welcoming host families. Future Learning has a great selection of high-quality hosts who are guaranteed to make you feel at home during your time in Athlone.

Summer school in Ireland - classroom

For Future Learning students in Athlone, evenings and weekends are packed with new experiences. For example, each weekend students will take a trip to beautiful attractions like The Cliffs of Moher or areas such as Dublin.

A day in Sligo

In Sligo, the Future Learning summer school is based at a lovely modern campus that has been adapted to meet the needs of the 21st century student. The campus is situated close to the centre of town, so everything is easy to access and within walking distance.

A day in the life in Sligo means enjoying breath-taking scenery and amazing wildlife, experiencing the beauty of Ireland’s rural landscapes each day. Summer students also have the opportunity to gain a cool skill as they will learn to surf on one or two days every week.

A day in the life of a Future Learning student

At school

Every day at a Future Learning summer school is different. However, the quality of the learning experience is guaranteed to remain the same. The tutors spend every moment dedicated to teaching in creative and engaging ways, using the latest technology to enhance education.

Summer school in Ireland - group photo

As a Future Learning summer student, afternoons are brimming with activities. For example, students on the Culture Programme in Dublin may be strolling through the Natural History Museum, whereas students in Sligo could be on a boat with the wind in their hair.

After school

The fun is never-ending for Future Learning students, with activities continuing into the evening. However, if they want to simply relax, summer students can go back to their accommodation to enjoy their free time before the start of an exciting new day. Living as a summer student with Future Learning, you can choose between the exceptional residential accommodation or a selection of trusted host families. All options are safe, welcoming and are great for young students who may be feeling homesick.

On the weekends

If you are a student on one of the Future Learning Summer School Programmes in Ireland, your weekends will be full of adventure. To show students the other beautiful places in Ireland, they will be taken on regular excursions to see amazing landscapes and other awesome attractions.

Future Learning has a wide range of Summer Programmes to suit ages ranging from 11 to 20. Find out more in their 2020 brochure.

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