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Study in Auckland, a charming city in New Zealand

Study in Auckland, a charming city in New Zealand

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, the country with three official languages, English, Maori and sign language that came into effect in 2006. New Zealand, this small country in the Pacific, is well known for its beauty and quality of life but also for being the filming location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the home of rugby. Let us show you a little of what Auckland, a truly amazing city, can offer if you choose to study English there.

Mount Eden

Climbing up the Mount Eden volcano is a truly unforgettable experience. The volcano is the highest point of the city at 196 metres and with a 360º view of the city. It’s also a free city attraction so definitely worth a visit.

The crater of about 50 metres deep with currently no access allowed due to preservation reasons. It has been there for over 30 thousand years ago so needs looking after.

Auckland Art Gallery

This is New Zealand’s largest art gallery with 4 levels of exhibits, and about 5,000 pieces of work on display, both from native artists and those from all over the world. If you’re into art, then you should definitely visit this place when you study in Auckland.

Albert Park

Very close to Queen Street and the University of Auckland, the largest university in the country is Albert Park. It served as a fortress in the 1800s during the civil war between European settlers and the Maori people native to New Zealand.

Study in Auckland - Albert Park

Today the park has several sculptures, including one of Queen Victoria, showing the role of the British Empire.

Queen Street

Introducing the busiest and most important street in Auckland. Here you can find some of the very best restaurants as well as designer shops including those of great brands such as Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This really is an exclusive area.

Auckland Domain

This is Auckland’s largest park, with about 75 acres of land, equivalent to 100 football fields. This park was built from the remains of a crater, the result of several volcano eruptions.

Study in Auckland - Domain

Today, Auckland Domain is the city’s most popular park, where people practise sports and enjoy nature. Within this park is also possible to visit a free exhibition of a winter garden. The exhibition has two sections, one with plants and flowers from New Zealand and other with specimens from all over the world.

Auckland War Museum and Memorial

Built in 1929, Auckland’s war museum and the memorial has a total of three exhibition levels showing a vast collection of historical objects and collections that show the history of the nation of New Zealand.

Sky Tower

This is the most symbolic point of the city of Auckland. The tower, 328 meters high, is the tallest tower in the entire Southern Hemisphere and the 25th tallest tower in the world.

Study in Auckland - tower

From the top of the tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and for those who like adventure, it’s possible to walk outside the tower and even bungee jump if thrill-seeking is your thing.

Studying in Auckland

Auckland is an amazing city with a lot to offer. You will never be bored if you choose to learn English there. If you want to study in the heart of Auckland, in a school with very high academic standards but also with a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere too, then Languages International is a perfect choice.

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