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Staying with a host family: Is it for you?

Staying with a host family: Is it for you?

Accommodation is usually one of the main concerns of all students (and their parents) when planning to study English abroad. If you are thinking about studying English abroad, why not consider staying with a host family.

Host families choose to host international students and are accustomed to helping them by providing support in the early days when they arrive in the country.

They do more than just supply a bed. If you want to make your arrival easier and to get to know your host family before you actually arrive, you can make contact through emails, text messages or even Skype or Facetime video calls before you leave your home. You don’t need to worry about your level of English, they are used to hosting students of various levels of English, they are patient and will try hard to understand you.

Why is it a good idea to stay with a host family?

If you want to adapt to the new culture, local traditions, getting around, the people and even the language, then a Host Family is one of the best accommodation options for you.

By living and interacting with a native family on a daily basis, you will also get the chance to practice your new language skills outside the classroom.

Staying with a host family

The experience of living in a family home fosters the exchange of cultures and customs of the family and of their country. They will have invaluable information on making your time very special.

Many Host Families remain in co tact with past students who have stayed with them even after they return home and friendships may last forever.

Here are two key tips for a happy life with a host family:

Respect the family

As much as the hosts of the house leave you at ease, do not forget that you are a guest in their house and the routine of the house has to be respected.

Talk to them to understand meal times, When you are expected to be home, times when the family may need to use the bathroom to prepare for work, and also internet usage. Always be willing to help with things around the house as they will appreciate it and it will make living together easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Be organized

Remember that you are not in your home and Mum/Dad won’t be there to pick up your dirty socks! Keep your things organised, tidy up your bedroom and the bathroom after use, and when you use the kitchen, do the dishes and put them away. It will make your hosts very happy.

How to find the right host family

One of the leading student accommodation agencies in London and the nearby area is Britannia Student Services. Based in the heart of Central London, on the corner of Oxford Street, Britannia’s central office is ideally located. They have friendly multi-lingual staff on hand to provide advice when you need it, so you don’t need to be worried. If host family accommodation is for you, get in touch with them.

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