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Social activities you can enjoy when you study abroad

Social activities you can enjoy when you study abroad

The process of learning English abroad isn’t limited to the time spent in the classroom where the teacher and students interact. Exploring your study location and meeting people from all around the world, as well as local people can create the best and real unique study abroad experience. For this reason, the majority of language schools offer various social activities after class or on weekends, so you can learn more about your chosen country and the school’s local area, have some fun and also make new friends.

On-site activities

Most of the activities that take place inside the school are free. These are usually welcome parties, film nights, quiz nights, international food evenings organised by the school. These activities are mostly focused on practising English and meeting other students and the school’s staff.

Local trips and excursions

Although many activities are free, for some excursions or activities outside of school you may have to pay a small cost depending on the type of activity and location.

Walking tours of the school’s location, excursion to the city’s tourist spots, touring pubs, museums and clubs are a few of the many activities that English language schools offer you to have fun and to get to know your new neighbourhood and your classmates better.

Social activities - pub tour

Many schools also offer regular weekly sports classes for all tastes, which is a great way to stay in shape while also making new friends. Some schools even have partnerships with gyms and sports courts so students benefit from discounted or free memberships.

Social activities celebrating special events

If you are lucky and choose to learn English during a school’s anniversary or when a big national event takes place in the country, you might be treated to some very special events – anniversary parties, special excursions, street parties or parades. Here is an amazing example:

In 2019, Basil Paterson in Edinburgh celebrated 90 years of existence…yes 90 years!. Initially formed as a Secretarial College, the fundamental belief of Basil Paterson was that learning should be personally created with the learner at the very heart of the learning process. That is why to this day, their focus remains on individually tailored learning.

Social activities - school event

To mark the celebration, Basil Paterson students created, planned and performed in an event to represent each decade of Basil Paterson’s existence, from the 1920s right up to modern day. Outside of regular classes the students worked collaboratively together to produce entertaining speeches, drama scenes, interactive quizzes and visual performances to represent each decade. Everyone involved at the school had an incredible day and it was very symbolic that the learners were at the very heart of Basil Paterson’s 90th-anniversary celebrations.

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