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If you want to learn English, travel for an English programme overseas after the Covid-19 pandemic, why not start your journey with an online English course?

Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

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About the school

Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin, the midwestern U.S. state with coastlines on 2 of the Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior). The state is known for huge forests and farms, Wisconsin State Capitol building and Wisconsin University.

Madison is one of the best US cities, often described as one of the happiest cities in the world. It is also well known as one of America’s fittest and friendliest cities. This makes Madison a unique place for your language studies.

WESLI was established in 1981 by an American couple and since then has been providing excellent English language courses to students from all over the world. The school is situated in the heart of Madison, surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and museums.

Students at WESLI can choose from a wide range of courses – General and Business English, Teacher training, Exam preparation as well as University pathways.


NEW!!! English + CrossFit programme. The CrossFit World Games are hosted by Madison every year for participants from around the world. To celebrate this amazing event, WESLI has prepared a unique English & CrossFit programme. Study English at WESLI before the CrossFit Games + connect with the local CrossFit Sanctify box. More info is available here.

Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
General English
Business English
Academic English
Exam Preparation
University Pathway
Online Course

Accommodation Available


Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)
Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)
Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)
Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)
Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)
Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Conveniently located residential accommodation

one block walk from the school

Additional English Options

for junior students available

Amazing location

Madison is ranked one of the best US cities


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