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Newbury Hall

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About the school

Newbury Hall is a unique boarding school and university preparation centre, supporting students aged 13 to 17 to gain experience of the UK school system. With students able to study for almost any length of time, it enables students from all over the world to gain the vital skills necessary to flourish in further and higher education.

Students with any level of English proficiency can study at Newbury Hall, and whilst there is a focus on improving the student’s English, the curriculum is created to do this through studying culture, world events and history. This holistic approach allows students to be prepared for examinations such as IELTS, FCE and IGCSE, but also allows students to express themselves and to become knowledgable about much more than just the English language.

With an on-site residence, as well as an on-site restaurant serving three freshly cooked meals a day, Newbury Hall is the perfect place for younger students to flourish.

Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
Juniors (Usually -17 years)
Academic English
Exam Preparation
University Pathway

Accommodation Available


Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall
Newbury Hall

On-site residence

Single en-suite rooms with 24 hour security

Exam preparation


27 hours of learning a week

Maximises the opportunities for the students to progress


hot meals a day 7 days a week

1 to 52

study for as many weeks as you wish


residential en-suite single rooms

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