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Langports Brisbane

Langports Brisbane

Langports Brisbane

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About the school

Why not learn English in Brisbane, Australia!

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the 3rd largest city in Australia. Popular for its active, healthy lifestyle, it is only 1 hour to the amazing beaches on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Brisbane is one of the most liveable cities where you will not only find friendly people and a subtropical climate but also Langports, one of the very best language schools in Australia. Langports has been awarded ‘Best Language School in Australia’ for 8 years.

Langports Brisbane is a modern, 3 level, stand-alone building and one of the largest private campuses in the city. The school is located in the heart of the city and only a 10 minute walk to the busy shopping district and parks. The popular South Bank Parklands and Lagoon are only a 20-minute walk from the campus.

The school offers a wide range of English language courses for adults, including various exam preparation courses and English+ programs. There is also a language course designed specifically for older students (40+ years of age). Younger students (14+) can also join Langports’ English Study Tours for great programs of English and fun.

In your free time, you can join the school’s active social program and make a lot of international friends. Whether you’re into sports, food, or shopping, Brisbane has something for you!

Langports also gives you the choice to study in 3 different, amazing cities: Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney. There are no costs to transfer between schools and you will even receive a $100 voucher to support your move. This way you can enjoy both the vibrant city lifestyle, as well as the relaxed beach vibes.


UFO English (Personalised General English Course)

UFO is available to students of all levels and uniquely developed by Langports. It allows students to learn English at their own pace through a personalised timetable based on their strengths and weaknesses.  The daily timetable is divided into 3 parts: USE, FOCUS, and OPTION (short UFO). Students study USE in the mornings, then FOCUS on macro-skills, which changes daily, and finish with OPTIONS class (e.g. conversation, English for business) in the afternoon. For example, in one week a student who is good at writing but not so good at speaking could be placed in level 3 USE of English class, level 4 writing class, level 4 reading class, level 3 listening class, and level 3 speaking class.

The course is uniquely designed to place students in different classes according to each of their skills levels (grammar, writing, reading, listening & speaking). The students’ progress is reviewed on a weekly basis through individual interviews with teachers, which allows for quick skill development and an optimised learning progress.

Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
General English
Business English
Academic English
Exam Preparation
Work Experience
Online Course

Accommodation Available

Shared house or apartment

Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane
Langports Brisbane

Superb location

and 3 level, stand-alone building

UFO English

Personalised General English Course

Australia’s most livable city

most livable city


average number of nationalities learning English at Langports every year


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students from 72 nationalities have chosen to study at Langports since 2004

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