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If you want to learn English, travel for an English programme overseas after the Covid-19 pandemic, why not start your journey with an online English course?

ISSOS St Andrews

ISSOS St Andrews

ISSOS St Andrews

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About the school

ISSOS offers 13 to 18 year olds from all over the world the chance to combine academia, fun and cultural enrichment in world class universities. Packed with history, tradition and culture, the town of St Andrews is also an idyllic coastal location.

ISSOS was created with one clear mission in mind: To create a safe place for people to learn and grow. As such, it provides a well balanced, supervised summer programme where students from all over the world come together and choose academic and elective classes to suit their needs and interests.

Courses Available

Juniors (Usually -17 years)

Accommodation Available


ISSOS St Andrews
ISSOS St Andrews
ISSOS St Andrews
ISSOS St Andrews
ISSOS St Andrews
ISSOS St Andrews

Unique location

In the historic and picturesque town of St Andrews

An exclusive experience

Combining learning, creative enrichment and action-packed adventure

Fantastic supervision

By a team of counsellors who ensure safety, fun and happiness at all times




Maximum of any one nationality


Weeks length of summer school programme

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