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ILSC Sydney

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About the school

Located on Australia’s east coast, welcoming visitors with its sunny climate and breathtaking views, there’s no surprise Sydney is visited by millions of people every year.

ILSC is a leading language school provider, offering language training programs to International students for almost 30 years. In 2013 and 2014 ILSC was voted Study Travel Magazine’s Star Chain School – this is a very important recognition of quality in the language education industry.

ILSC Sydney has a superb location in Sydney’s CBD (Central Business District), within walking distance of Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour, Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The modern school (with student lounge, kitchen, library and two computer labs) also offers plenty of opportunities for you to make new friends.  FREE Morning News Club is an amazing way to start the day and to improve your English skills. Share your news while having breakfast with other students.

There are also lots of social events arranged by ILSC or you to explore Sydney and surrounding areas with your new friends.


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Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
General English
Business English
Academic English
Exam Preparation
University Pathway

Accommodation Available


ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney
ILSC Sydney

Excellent location

within walking distance off the iconic Sydney landmarks Darling Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Unique English language programmes

including English through Sydney • Business English & Hospitality • Café Work Skills • Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

FREE Job Club at the school

where you can learn all you need to know about securing a job in Australia.




million people visit Sydney every year


student lounges

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