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ILSC Montreal

ILSC Montreal

ILSC Montreal

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About the school

We can name many reasons to learn English (or French) in Montreal. From fascinating history and delicious food, to the many festivals that happen throughout the year.

ILSC opened its first language school in Canada in 1991. Since then ILSC has welcomed thousands of international students from all over the world and became one of the leaders in teaching English.

ILSC Montreal is a boutique-style school situated in the heart of Old Montréal, just a short walk from the Old Port. It is an official language test centre for IELTS, Cambridge Exams FCE and CAE and TEF Canada and TEFaQ and the only centre in Quebec accredited to deliver CELTA teacher training courses.

ILSC also offers some unique language courses like English through Food or English through Montréal.

You will never be bored in Montreal and at the weekend you can join excursions to places like Toronto, Quebec or the Niagara Falls.

Don’t forget to try the World’s best bagels at St-Viatur Bagel shop!

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Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
Juniors (Usually -17 years)
General English
Business English
Academic English
Exam Preparation
University Pathway

Accommodation Available


ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal
ILSC Montreal

Boutique-sized school

with a family feel

Official language exams available

ILSC-Montréal is an official language test centre for IELTS, Cambridge Exams FCE and CAE and TEF Canada and TEFaQ.

Unique English language courses

English through Photography • English through Food • Discussion Circle • Public Speaking




Computer Labs


minutes' walk to the city centre

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