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If you want to learn English, travel for an English programme overseas after the Covid-19 pandemic, why not start your journey with an online English course?

CES Toronto

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About the school

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and also one of the most multicultural the world. Often ranked as one of the most liveable cities, Toronto is the perfect place for your English studies.

CES Toronto is the newest addition to the CES Family and offers a variety of English language programmes for both adults and young learners. Whether you are looking for a standard General or Business English course, English exam preparation, English for special purposes or a University pathway programme, CES Toronto has it all and more. Parent and child programmes are also available!

The school has an amazing location in the fashionable Yorkville district of Toronto which has some of the most exclusive shops . It is very easy to explore this beautiful city, as there are 3 subway stations within walking distance of the school.

Courses Available

Adults (Usually +16 years)
Juniors (Usually -17 years)
General English
Business English
Academic English
Exam Preparation
University Pathway
Online Course

Accommodation Available


CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto
CES Toronto

Superb accommodation

you can stay with a Canadian host family or fully furnished student residence

Wide range of English language courses

from General and Business English, Exam preparation courses to University pathway programme

Amazing location

within walking distance of the beautiful lakefront walk of Toronto




subway stations short walk away


terminals in a computer lab

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