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Medical Insurance policies when you Learn English in Ireland

Medical Insurance policies when you Learn English in Ireland

Any non-European students wanting to learn English in Ireland need to have their own medical insurance. Study & Protect are the leading provider of these insurance policies. We recently met Chris Anako to discuss how they can help you.

LearnEnglishIn: Do students have to be insured when they Learn English In Ireland?

Study & Protect: Yes. Currently it is an immigration requirement for all non-European students to hold a valid private medical insurance policy in order to enter Ireland on a student visa. All of our policies meet and exceed all of these requirements.

LearnEnglishIn: Why is insurance important? What comfort does insurance give a student and their parents/carers?

Study & Protect: Firstly, a student may be denied entry into the country or denied their student visa if they do not hold valid student medical insurance. If they did find themselves unwell and without a valid medical insurance policy, they would be liable for all expenses related to treatment, which can quickly reach into the thousands of euros if a hospital admission is required.

It gives parents peace of mind that you will be covered for any medical expenses incurred due to unforeseen accident or illness. They can also rest assured that you can visit any public or private hospital or any doctor in Ireland in order and receive the best quality of treatment available.

LearnEnglishIn: What should a student do if they have medical issues while studying in Ireland?

Study & Protect: If a student finds themselves unwell while studying in Ireland and they hold a Study & Protect Medicover policy, they can visit any local doctor in their area or attend any public or private hospital or clinic to seek treatment.

The Study & Protect office in Ireland is open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Our team will be very happy to help students with any queries they have during this time either via phone or our dedicated email address, [email protected]

We also have a 24/7 dedicated medical emergency helpline. If a student is admitted to hospital or requires treatment such as surgery, the helpline can arrange a guarantee of payment to ensure the student’s treatment is not delayed due to finances.

LearnEnglishIn: Will it be expensive to get cover? How should students apply?

Study & Protect: Study & Protect Medicover policies are some of the most comprehensive and competitive policies available and are extremely affordable in comparison to other insurance policies available within the Irish market. Cover starts from as little as €65.
If you would like to know more, you can visit our website at https://www.studyandprotect.com

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