Learn English in Ireland

Learn English in Ireland and take part in your favourite sports

Learn English in Ireland and take part in your favourite sports

Do you want to learn English in Ireland, in an alternative city with a course not only including English but also activities and sports? If so, you need to come to beautiful Waterford.

Learn a little more about the city and the course options to make the most of your experience abroad.

Waterford – the perfect place to learn English in Ireland

Waterford is a very charming and colourful Irish city situated between Cork and Dublin, with a high quality of life and a lower cost of living than larger cities. Here you can enjoy natural landscapes and experience traditional Irish culture as its best.

Waterford is actually the first established city in Ireland, formed by the Vikings hundreds of years ago.

Learn English in Ireland - Waterford

Waterford is very rich in history, culture and full of wonderful landscapes, so the city is a great destination for your English programme.

With a truly stunning coastline and endless sandy beaches, Waterford is the first-choice destination for people who love nature and outdoor sports. It is renowned for world-class sporting facilities that everyone can enjoy.

The locals are friendly, welcoming and proud to show their city off to visitors.

Sports Language Course

For anyone who wants to make the very most of their language learning experience abroad, this could be the perfect option.

In addition to learning English, students can practise their favourite sports at the same time.  Choices include horse riding, golf, tennis and surfing and the course includes tours of Waterford, cultural excursions and other activities such as cooking, music, dancing and art.

The program is divided so that you have English classes in the morning or afternoon and spend the rest of the time enjoying your personalized activity options.

At Waterford English Language Centres learning happens in a range of locations, within the classroom, with your host family, by joining sporting activities, both playing and watching, taking excursions and visiting the natural wonders of Ireland. Choosing WELC for your language programme can offer you so much more than you ever imagined.

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