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Learn English as a second language: 5 reasons why university campuses are a great place to study

Learn English as a second language: 5 reasons why university campuses are a great place to study

Introducing QUT International College

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a top university based in the charming city of Brisbane, Australia. This university provides a world-class educational experience that attracts 9000 international students to QUT each year. When you learn English as a second language at QUT International College (QUTIC) you will be based at Kelvin Grove, a thriving city campus. During your time at QUTIC you will be part of the student community, experiencing all of the amazing benefits that the campus has to offer.

1 – When you learn English as a second language at QUT International, you will have access to all of the top-quality facilities at the university.

The convenient thing about a university campus is that it will usually contain everything students need. To make your life at university as easy as possible, QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus is situated close to a range of useful shops and delicious food outlets. When you aren’t sampling Brisbane’s delightful dishes, the Kelvin Grove campus has a variety of onsite cafeterias to choose from. Or, if you feel like shopping for some local produce and handmade treasures, the Kelvin Grove Village Market runs next to the campus every Saturday.

learn English as a second language

When you decide to learn English as a second language at QUTIC, you will be exposed to the amazing learning facilities that Kelvin Grove has to offer. The campus has a state-of-the-art library and a 24-hour computer suite, so you can study in comfort at a time that suits you. Along with excellent educational resources, QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus also contains fitness facilities such as a pool, gym and stadium, so you can improve your health whilst you study.

View the amazing facilities available at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus.

2 – If you learn English as a second language at a university, you can enjoy student events and activities in your spare time.

Life at university is not just about learning, having fun is also a key part of the journey.

There is a vast range of activities and events to try every day at Kelvin Grove. Whether you fancy yoga, dance or a trip to the Gold Coast, QUT will have an activity for you.

Meeting people and making new connections is an important element of the university experience, so QUT have prioritised social spaces when designing their campuses. Kelvin Grove has cafes and an on-campus bar that are great places for students to unwind with new friends.

3 – If you study at QUTIC, there is a range of clubs and societies available for you to join.

Joining a club or society is an amazing way to network with people that share your interests and passions. Enjoying the extracurricular offerings at university can help you form friendships with local students, allowing you to make valuable connections. QUT has a great selection of clubs and societies, all of them open to QUTIC students. Whether you are interested in cars or chess, QUT is sure to have a club for you.

4 – QUT has services that can help you choose from a selection of accommodation options, so you can find the ideal place to stay whilst you study.

QUT can provide guidance as you find your ideal living scenario, whether that is a homestay, private rental or student residential complex. The QUT accommodation advisors can help you find a place where you can fully immerse yourself in the university experience.

Spending time with other university students can be a great way to practice communication skills. When studying at QUITIC you can choose to stay at one of the universities secure and contemporary student complexes. QUT’s Kelvin Grove accommodation is next to the campus, meaning your journey to university will last less than five minutes. This complex is a thriving location complete with wonderful facilities, social areas and a lovely outdoor space, so you can relax in the Brisbane sunshine.

5 – When you are far away from home it can take some time to adjust to a new way of life. QUT has an excellent student support team that can help you to settle in.

If you choose to learn English as a second language with QUITIC, the onsite Welfare

Advisors are available to help with any personal, financial or academic problems you may experience. The team can provide one-to-one consultations, drop-ins and workshops to suit your needs.

learn English as a second language

To help you to succeed, QUT can provide you with extra educational support whilst you study. Learning support will help you to develop in areas like referencing and presentation skills, providing you with the practical knowledge you need to reach your full potential.

If you are looking to learn English as a second language, consider preparing for your future by studying at one of Australia’s top universities. Find out everything you need to know about QUTIC in their 2020 brochure.

What QUTIC students think

“The curriculum back at home and here in Queensland is different — QUTIC makes the transition feel like a breeze as you progress to your chosen degree. The college has a culturally diverse community which makes the environment an even more interesting place to learn.” – Richelle Lim, Philippines

“In the end, studying at QUT International College with other international students helped me to develop my confidence to speak English.” – Diana Salcedo, Peru

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