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If you want to learn English, travel for an English programme overseas after the Covid-19 pandemic, why not start your journey with an online English course?
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How to study at home during Coronavirus and beyond

How to study at home during Coronavirus and beyond

The current world situation means that many students are having to study at home. Universities, colleges & schools are setting up classes online and there are many opportunities for self-study during lockdown.

Benefits of Self-Study

Whether you are studying for a Cambridge exam, another type of English test, or just exploring material online to continue your learning during lockdown, this style of study can bring new opportunities academically and professionally and enhance your learning process.

Cambridge English Assessment can provide some great options for your self-study planning.

Tips for Successful Self-Study:

Set Realistic Goals

This is important when creating good study habits for self-study. Whether a practice test or a certain number of study chapters, setting a daily goal will keep you focused.

Study Environment

Because we are all stuck at home right now, it is important to create a space that works for you and whoever you are isolating with. Create a self-contained study area that you can use alone for an agreed period during the day. Try to avoid distractions.

study at home - environment

Study techniques

There are many ways to learn, so find what is most productive for you. Some people like to write lots of notes, some just use a laptop. For some, background music can help, others find it a distraction. Think about what suits you best and make it happen.

Manage your time

Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a large, complex text and taking notes. Give the right amount of time to each task you set in your study plan.

Effective Study Time

You may get a lot more done per hour than if they were at school or university. There are fewer distractions, no travel and focus can be brilliant (if you get your environment and discipline right). Self-study should not be a marathon, give yourself breaks, stretch your legs and drink plenty of water.

study at home - break

Stay Disciplined

Make sure you:

  • start at the same time each day
  • stick to a study schedule
  • keep your study space clean and tidy
  • stick to your daily goal
  • give yourself agreed breaks and set time away from a screen

Review Material

At the end of each study day make sure you review what has been completed. Recognise your achievements, but also focus on what your next study steps should be. Reviewing will also help long-term absorption of the material.

Remain Social

You may be missing social interaction and we can all feel lonely. There are lots of forums and message boards and social media channels (Facebook/Instagram). Follow your school or University, or one you want to attend when life starts up again after the pandemic. Educators are creating lots of study activities which will allow you to continue your studies.

Cambridge English Assessment can provide some great options and for your self-study planning.

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