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Student accommodation in London

How to find the best student accommodation in London?

How to find the best student accommodation in London?

Are you looking for premium student accommodation in Central London? Look no further, we have a solution for you! The Stay Club London offers a fantastic range of accommodation options in some of the best locations of Willesden, Colindale, Camden and Kentish Town.  All offer ensuite facilities, great service and the opportunity to live amongst a wonderful international community. So, if you are looking for modern and stylish accommodation, in some of the very best locations, then The Stay Club has something to suit every taste.

Why choose The Stay Club?

The Stay Club have made student satisfaction a focus when designing their accommodation with a priority being to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere with easy access to everything that London has to offer. Each site has a unique calendar of events along with cool and comfortable spaces that are designed for both working and socialising.

The Stay Club encourages you to learn whilst having fun, with each location offering a variety of English language courses to suit a range of abilities. Their in-house education programmes are taught in modern and dynamic environments, allowing you to learn in a way that is innovative and engaging.

Choose Willesden

The Stay Club in Willesden offers a great location and a warm and friendly welcome to its international community. With great facilities on the doorstep including a great range of shops, cafes and restaurants, this wonderfully diverse community offers a welcoming and inclusive feel.

student accommodation Willesden

Choose Colindale

The Stay Club in Colindale is located in one of the most up-and-coming neighbourhoods of London. It offers a very perfect location for both students and young professionals and a quieter suburban atmosphere on the edge of the vibrant city.

student accommodation Colindale

Choose Camden

Immersed in one of the most vibrant, dynamic and culturally alive boroughs in the city, The Stay Club in Camden is the perfect place to experience this trendy part of London. Located near to the famous Camden Market, this site is perfect for those interested in food, live music and art.

student accommodation Camden

Choose Kentish Town

The Stay Club in Kentish Town has outstanding facilities and a space that has been creatively designed to be multi-functional. The building offers the same quality facilities as other Stay Club locations, but in addition, students have access to a cinema, a disco and a gym.

student accommodation Kentish Town

Accommodation options for professionals

The Stay Club’s in Colindale and Willesden also offer great accommodation options for professionals. The apartments include flexible working areas with great social spaces in some fabulous locations.  Colindale has a tube station close by that will take you directly into central London. This is an up and coming area with a developing social and cultural vibe. Willesden is a wealthy area with great facilities and amenities all around. What better options are there for professionals wanting to enjoy everything that one of the best cities in the world has to offer?

The Stay Club offers modern accommodation for students along with quality education programmes, dynamic working areas and welcoming social spaces. There are both long and short-term stay options available, meaning The Stay Club is a flexible yet reliable choice.

Find out more about everything on offer at The Stay Club.

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