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If you want to learn English, travel for an English programme overseas after the Covid-19 pandemic, why not start your journey with an online English course?

High School in the USA: Learn the advantages of the High School Programme in the USA

High School in the USA: Learn the advantages of the High School Programme in the USA

Have you ever thought about doing your high school studies in the USA? Having the opportunity to study and get fluent in English? On a High School Programme, you will attend classes together with American students and participate in all school activities. From classroom work to sports competitions which are very typical at American schools, you will definitely have a very enriching experience.

AHLI is a leading promoter of High School Programmes in the USA and has partnerships with schools located in many American states that accept international students on programmes. We have listed some tips for you about the advantages of studying at high schools in the US

How do these programmes work?

Students can study in an educational institution in the USA, participate in class and in activities, and have a great cultural experience. The length of the programme depends on what you want to study and it’s possible to travel alone or with a group of your friends. In order to study in the USA, it’s necessary to apply for a student visa (called and F1 visa)

Where will I be staying?

In most high school programmes in the USA, students stay in homestay accommodation. Schools choose families very carefully, always making sure they offer a comfortable and safe environment. Living with an American family offers a complete cultural immersion. It will help you to improve your language skills and live a real cultural experience and understand US traditions, and remain friends for life with the host family.

Learning a new language

As well as learning new English skills at school, contact with Americans (at home, in the local city and at school) makes you practice and improve your fluency.

High-Quality Institutions

Schools hosting international students offer best quality and always maintain high standards of teaching.

Cultural Experience

Besides visiting a new country, you have the opportunity to become friends with people from all over the world, learn about a new culture and traditions and grow as a person.

Personal Development

High School Programmes in the US are a great chance for your personal development as you overcome initial challenges and acquire independence by living in a new country away from your family and friends.

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