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Find the best student accommodation in London

Find the best student accommodation in London

When you are planning to study abroad in England, one of the main decisions is to choose where you will live during the period of your course. There are several alternatives of student accommodation in London, but to make the right choice, you have to understand that the ideal accommodation depends on your individual needs, budget, study abroad goals, and especially your profile as a traveller.

To help you find the ideal student accommodation for your programme, Britannia Student Services, a student accommodation company in London, is here to give you advice. Their friendly staff will explain all options as well as the various locations they have available. Don’t forget that the right location will allow you to get the most not only from your language course, but also to get the very best out of London with all its attractions, when you are there.

Student residences in London

If you are looking for an independent lifestyle, a student residence is an excellent option. Student residences are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and live in a student environment. This type of student accommodation is usually in the centre of the city and close to the schools and main sights of the city.

Britannia’s residences are located mainly in zones 1 and 2 of London’s underground (subway)  system, close to train stations such as Waterloo and other forms of public transport. The residences have modern rooms, modern kitchens, private bathrooms and great common areas to relax with your friends.

Host Families in London

To live with a host family is to have the opportunity to learn more about a new culture and have the experience of family life abroad. It’s a great opportunity to practice English outside the classroom too.

Student accommodation in London - host family

At Britannia, all host families are scattered throughout the city and located close to London’s public transport and offer a high standard of accommodation.

With Britannia, you will have the best homestay experience. London hosts are carefully selected and they all must meet the standards set by the Bristish Council and the association English UK.

Apartments or Shared Houses

This type of accommodation is chosen by renting an apartment alone or sharing rent and all other costs together with other students. You pay rent for your room and access to  shared areas like the bathroom, kitchen and living room


At Britannia, these home options are located in Zone 3 of the city, which is a quick train or bus ride from central London. Remembering that the prices may vary depending on location. The minimum stay is normally 4 weeks and the minimum age is 18 years.

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