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Field Schools with Coast Mountain College

Field Schools with Coast Mountain College

Do you want to study, work and play in one of the most stunning places on earth? Coast Mountain College (CMTN) is a perfect choice! Choose from 3 spectacular locations (Terrace, Smithers and Prince Rupert) spread across Northwest British Columbia and have the experience of a lifetime! This unique college offers you an amazing blend of in-class learning opportunities and outdoor adventures. The intensive spring and summer field schools combine a full semester of learning into just a few weeks. Here’s a snapshot of the Coast Mountain College offer with something to suit all learning aspirations:

Coast Mountain Ecology

The field activities will help you learn about major concepts in ecology. Learners develop skills in project design, field research, data analysis and working in a team on a regional field project.

Field schools

Haida Gwaii: People and their Natural Environment

Learn in spectacular Haida Gwaii and experience the culture and history of the amazing Haida people and explore the unique ecology with the support of the people and communities on Haida Gwaii.


If you are interested in the outdoors, field research, and environmental stewardship, then this field school is for you. You will work with a team of students, instructors, and members of the Kitsumkalum First Nation to assess ecological diversity, the effects of disturbance, land use issues and ecosystem management. 

Permaculture Design

Learn how to create sustainable communities through the process of permaculture design.  During this two-week intensive study, you will complete a variety of outdoor activities, lectures, visits to field sites, and explore how the creative design process of permaculture can provide an organizing framework.

Relationships and Language: Truth and Reconciliation in North Western BC

In this field school, you will examine how reconciliation is formed through relationship building and understanding between First Nations people and European settlers. This field school includes visits to cultural centres as well as other sites that are key to the broader history of British Columbia and Canada.

Sense of Place: Gitga’at Territory Seaweed Camp

This field school includes a five-day trip where you will travel by boat up the Douglas Channel to the remote location of Hartley Bay. You will have an opportunity to experience the life of the seaweed camp and the culture of the Gitga’at First Nation who continue to gather and harvest 90% of their food from the land and marine environment.

Skeena Watershed Ecosystems

You can learn about the various ecosystems surrounding the Terrace area. During this two-week intensive course, the focus is ecology, the structure and functioning of ecosystems and ecosystem strategies relative to soil and climatic conditions.

Stewart/Telegraph Creek

Experience local Indigenous culture while developing an appreciation for a wide variety of geomorphological processes and landscapes. As part of your field studies, you will be encouraged to develop and articulate more informed opinions on culture, resource exploration and environmental stewardship.

Field Schools

English Pathway Programme

For those wanting to enhance their English speaking skills, CMTN offers the English Pathway Program.

This 14-week course offers students the opportunity to improve both their language and study skills, enabling successful progression onto a full CMTN study programme. Students with an assessed IELTS score of between 5.0 and 6.0 can join this programme and gain both the skills and confidence to manage the challenges of higher academic study.

Coast Mountain College offers you the most amazing blend of in-class learning opportunities and outdoor adventures in 3 spectacular locations in Northwest British Columbia. Find out more about the field schools and other unique opportunities with Coast Mountain College.

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