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Facts about Malta that might surprise you

Facts about Malta that might surprise you

Malta is one of Europe’s smallest countries, but this island certainly has a lot to offer. Finding more about this Mediterranean jewel will certainly make it an appealing option for your English study programme. Culture, sunshine and warm hospitality are waiting for you, but there are some interesting facts about Malta that might surprise you:

Did you know these facts about Malta?

Malta is the smallest country in the European Union. Five countries the size of Malta could fit into London.

This charming little island is situated south of Sicily and northeast of Tunisia so you can imagine what a fantastic climate it has!

Malta is made up of 3 islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

It is often recognised as one of the top destinations for divers not only in Europe but worldwide. Malta and Gozo provide excellent diving conditions, high levels of visibility for exploring their marine life and there are some really fascinating and authentic wrecks to explore too!

facts about Malta - diving

Malta has a rich cultural heritage and history. Did you know Malta was a British colony for 160 years?

In Malta, people drive on the left-hand side of the road as they do in Britain.

In Malta, the official languages are English and Maltese, making it a truly bilingual country and giving you so many opportunities to practise English outside the classroom.

Malta has been a popular filming location for many major Hollywood productions such as Gladiator, Troy and the Game of Thrones series. You may bump into a Hollywood actor while you are there!

facts about Malta - filming

Malta has a rich variety of foods to try, one of which is Pastizzi, a filo pastry baked with ricotta cheese or pea puree. This can be accompanied by a glass of Kinnie, a drink made with oranges, spices and herbs, unique to the region.

Malta is an ideal place to study English; a truly wonderful Mediterranean island which offers you an excellent immersive language experience.

Studying abroad in Malta

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