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Typical foods in Malta

7 typical foods to try when you learn English in Malta

7 typical foods to try when you learn English in Malta

Due to the geographical proximity, the Maltese gastronomy has a lot of Italian influence. Most typical recipes include tomatoes, olive oil, fish, cheese and pasta. Here’s our list of typical foods to try in Malta:


Typical foods in Malta - Timpana

With an Italian influence, the dish consists of pasta with beef and pork, minced eggs, cheese, and bacon.

Tal – Lampuki

A pie prepared with the fish Lampuki, a fish very popular in Malta, but only when in season (September to November). The pie also contents vegetables, hazelnuts, olives, and raisins. Don’t try it if you have a nut allergy.


Typical foods in Malta - Fenek

Very popular and consumed throughout the country, Fenek is made with rabbit meat. The meat is prepared in different ways and you can try this rabbit stew with wines and herbs, roasted rabbit, fried rabbit or even with a sauce accompanied with bread dough.


Also very popular in Malta, hobza is a local bread. With tomatoes and olive oil, usually served before the main course with traditional cheeses.

Typical foods in Malta - Hobza


Made with goat’s milk and sheep milk, this cheese is used in several recipes and is a typical cheese found in Malta. It is served in small slices and may or may not be spicy.

Soup Tal – Armla

With such a strong Italian influence, this Maltese soup will be found on all lists of typical Maltese food. The soup is prepared using tomato, vegetables and the gbejniet cheese described above.


Perhaps the most famous Maltese food of all and very easy to buy on the island, pastizz is salty of clotted dough and the fillings can be cream of pea and ricotta, meat, cheese, and many other flavours.

Typical foods in Malta - Pastizz

Pastizz is a savoury snack consumed at any time of the day by the Maltese, whether at breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late at night.

EC Malta is one of the best language schools on the island. It is located in St. Julian’s, surrounded by many cafes and restaurants – giving you an amazing opportunity to try as many typical foods in Malta as possible.

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