6 reasons to study in beautiful Manitoba

6 reasons to study in beautiful Manitoba

Lots of international students choose Vancouver or Toronto for their study abroad programmes, but there are other fascinating places to learn English in Canada. One place where we recommend you to study is Manitoba, known as the prairie province, named as one of Lonely Planet’s best places to travel in 2019.


It turns out that safaris are not only for South Africa! When in Manitoba you can head north to amazing Churchill will take your breath away. You can view cuddly little animals like hares and foxes to the amazing polar bears waiting for the winter to arrive. You can also watch the spectacular ‘Northern Lights’ (aurora borealis) here on over 300 nights of the year.

Study in Manitoba - wildlife


Often called the ‘Chicago of the North’, the city was officially named a winter city in 2017. It has the world’s biggest and best skating trails that have warming huts along the routes. You can also enjoy spas like Thermea or Riverstone offering a very unique way to relax.

Study in Manitoba - sport

Outdoor adventures

In a world of technology and fast-paced living, Manitoba is an ideal place to take a real break. Whether you want to try real wilderness camping in Nopiming Provincial Park (called the ‘entrance to the wilderness’) or like a little more comfort in the ‘glamping’ options of Riding Mountain National Park, you will experience breath-taking views and clean air you just can’t find at home.

Indigenous culture

Why not learn about the Metis culture which has been a major part of the Manitoba way of life for centuries. You can visit the petroforms of the Whiteshell at Bannock Point and Tie Creek which are sacred places to the indigenous people. These stones, which show both human and animal forms, are 2000 years old!

Study in Manitoba - Churchill

You can even go on trails and learn about the healing powers of traditional indigenous plants.

Arts scene

If you love art, then you can immerse yourself in a busy art scene in Manitoba. No matter what art form you enjoy you will find examples here. From the Manitoba Museum’s galleries or watching a play at the Royal MTC there is something for every art-lover.

Food in Manitoba

Some of the best chefs in Canada are to be found in Manitoba. If you love your food you will find everything from pop-up restaurants on ice, to the Wheat City’s fire station that was turned into the Prairie Firehouse gastropub and dining sensation in Brandon. There are over 1000 restaurants and new places opening all the time. Love your food? Love Manitoba!

Do you want to study in beautiful Manitoba? Study Manitoba School Divisions offers various high school programmes for international students – check it out!

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