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5 reasons why you should consider private English lessons

5 reasons why you should consider private English lessons

Studying at LTC (Language Teaching Centre) Cape Town means you will be based in stunning South Africa, surrounded by picturesque scenery, incredible wildlife and a vibrant community. If you think you would thrive in a positive and welcoming learning environment, LTC’s General English Course could be for you. The course combines intimate group classes and private English lessons in an educational experience that is guaranteed to help you improve your language skills.

The General English Course at LTC Cape Town has an exceptional pass rate. This level of achievement is supported by the quality contact time available to students during private lessons with LTC’s highly skilled tutors. Here are 5 ways private lessons could help you achieve as you learn English at LTC Cape Town…

1 When you take private lessons, you are in control of your own learning

The team at LTC recognise that not everyone thrives with the same teaching techniques. When you choose private English lessons at LTC Cape Town, you have the power. If there are elements of the course you dislike, that’s okay, your tutor can devise a new plan to suit your needs.

2 During one-to-one lessons, your tutor can help you to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses

Do you struggle with your writing skills? Or, maybe you think it is your speaking that is holding you back? During your private English lessons, you will have the opportunity to have your strengths and weaknesses analysed by one of LTC’s experienced tutors.

English lessons

When you take private English lessons, you will be your tutor’s main focus, so they can give their full attention to you and your development. A private tutor can pinpoint the skills you need to work on, devising a tailor-made plan to ensure you achieve.

3 Private English lessons allow you to learn in a relaxed environment with limited distractions

The private lessons at LTC Cape Town give students the chance to learn without distractions. Having a break away from your regular classes will give you the valuable time to focus and retain maximum knowledge, helping you to keep on track with your course and its requirements.

4 You can improve your conversational communication with one-to-one support

When it comes to learning English as a second language, conversational skills are just as important as formal language skills. Taking private lessons gives you the opportunity to improve your everyday English, giving you the confidence to communicate in the outside world.

5 Private English lessons can help you to get more out of your education

It only takes a handful of private classes at a place like LTC to improve your understanding of the English language, allowing you to gain the confidence you need to actively participate during your group classes. As well as this, taking the time to focus on your personal development will allow you to engage efficiently with more challenging learning material.

If you are interested in LTC Cape Town’s General English Course, the lessons take place between 09:00 –15:00 from Monday through to Friday and cover the key elements of language skills using an interactive and engaging format.

Find out more about the private English lessons that LTC Cape Town provide. 

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