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5 day trips from Madison, WI, United States of America

5 day trips from Madison, WI, United States of America

Madison, capital of the state of Wisconsin, is frequently listed as one of the best places to live in the United States. Wisconsin is known as the badger state after the miners who lived in caves that were called badger dens! There is a lot to do in and around Madison, and incredible trips a little farther away from the city. During your English language course, we encourage you to hit the road and explore Madison. Here are 5 places less than 90 minutes away from Madison (perfect for a day trip)

Wisconsin Dells

Just over an hour from Madison and known as the waterpark capital of the United States, with largest concentration of outdoor and indoor waterparks of any place on the planet. There are so many waterparks to choose from (including the world’s largest) and endless activities to choose from. Be sure to check out the impressive rock formations from one of Dells Boat Tours.


Blue Mounds State Park

The park is found on the tallest hill in the south of the state of Wisconsin just over forty minutes away from Madison. The park is open daily and features an observation tower where you can see the Wisconsin River valley to the north, the forests of the Driftless Area to the south-west, and the city of Madison to the east. We recommend you follow a guided tour to the Cave of the Mounds. The tour will take you past many colourful stalactites and other rock formations. These guided tours are available all year round.

Mineral Point

The magical Mineral Point is one of the main zinc and lead mining centre from the 19th and 20th centuries and is just over one hour away from Madison. The countless caverns tell the story of the small city, full of charm and whim. The charming atmosphere of the Mineral Point buildings makes this city a great place for a day trip.


Monroe is regarded as the U.S. capital of the “Swiss cheese”. About 1-hour from Madison, visitors learn about the little city’s cheese production history by visiting the cheese factories and the National Historic Cheesemaking Centre. The city is home to one of the last Limburger cheese factories. If you like cheese, you’ll love these factories (check open days and times before you go).

Devil’s Lake State Park

One of the largest and most popular state parks in Wisconsin. The park is known for its 500-metre cliffs and visited by over 3-million people every year. It is located just over an hour away from Madison. The park is open from 6:00 to 23:00 daily. However, Visitor Centre hours are from 8:00.

Madison is a great destination for those who wish to take an English language course in the USA. It really is a hidden treasure.

Wisconsin ESL Institute offers courses to students over 16 years old, with many programs and durations to choose from.

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