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5 activities to try when you study in Burnaby, Canada

5 activities to try when you study in Burnaby, Canada

Burnaby is home to a group of 49 institutions named Burnaby School District, a collection of schools for youths under the age of 18, many of which offer outstanding academic programs for international students. When you study in Canada there are plenty of activities and adventures that will make it easy to live a fun and active lifestyle. Burnaby has a lot to offer, so we thought we would share 5 activities for students to enjoy whilst they study in this unique city.


When you live in Burnaby, you will be in close proximity to a selection of popular ski resorts: Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, a two-hour drive will take you to the largest ski resort in Canada, Whistler Blackcomb.

There are many immense outdoor activities in Canada, but Skiing attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe. Burnaby School District offers a number of guided trips to some amazing ski resorts, making these experiences accessible to international students based in the city.

Ice Skating

If you are looking to try a form of exercise that is enjoyable, challenging and unique, ice skating could be the activity for you. In Burnaby, fall and winter are the perfect seasons to glide across the ice at Bill Copeland Sports Centre, Burnaby Lake Arena or Kensington Complex.

Skating is the perfect way to have fun whilst learning an impressive skill. If you are a student in Burnaby, why not try the ice skating lessons that are available? You don’t need to be a natural on the ice, you will find classes for a variety of ages and abilities.


Burnaby has some spectacular natural landscapes, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for expeditions in the great outdoors. The city is an urban oasis complete with beaches, mountains, parks and deep blue lakes, meaning it is the perfect place to explore.

Hiking is a brilliant way to get your blood pumping whilst taking in some magnificent views. Burnaby is a mountainous area, so there is a wide selection of hiking trails to choose from. Burnaby Mountain also has a peaceful garden and wonderful views of the city below.

Activities in Canada - hiking

If you are the kind of student who prefers a relaxing walk to a high-intensity hike, there are plenty of places for a laid-back stroll in Burnaby. The city has a great selection of parks, beaches and rivers to choose from, so you can observe the city’s beauty at your leisure.

Join a sports team

In Burnaby, there is a belief that sport is a vital part of education. When you study abroad in Burnaby, you will have the opportunity to join one of the many sports teams available. Every institution provides a variation of clubs that consider the needs of different abilities.

Take a trip with a group of students

International students in Burnaby have the opportunity to experience a spectacular trip filled with unforgettable memories… To give pupils the chance to explore sites outside of the city, the school board provides a selection of exciting excursions throughout the academic year.

Activities in Canada - Burnaby trips

The trips that Burnaby School District offer vary in length, so students can select the excursion they feel comfortable with. You can be assured that all trips are safe, enjoyable and are run by trusted and experienced guides. Find out more about the action-packed excursions here.

Springtime in Burnaby is just around the corner

As an international student in Burnaby, you will never run out of fun ways to live an active lifestyle. If you think studying in Canada could be for you, and want to find out about activities available, visit the Burnaby School District website.

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